2nd day of strikes underway in Gaza


"Operation Cast Lead" in Gaza has entered its second day as IDF fighter jets struck some 20 targets in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, according to Palestinian sources.

Hamas reported that Israeli jets bombarded a mosque in Gaza City and the al-Jazeera television network said that for people were killed in the strike. The offices of Hamas' television station were also hit.

The IDF said in a statement that "the army will continue to strike any target that is used as a base for terror against Israeli civilians. Those who launch terrorist attacks against the residents of Israel's southern communities will not find shelter anywhere."


This is an early report of attacks and it may grow as the day goes on. Those who make the bogus claim that the Israelis are targeting civilians really need to pay attention. If the Israelis wanted to target civilians, the Palestinian casualties would be in the thousands instead of a couple of hundred. When you consider that the Palestinians have been making indiscriminate attacks on Israeli noncombatants to provoke these attacks the charge becomes more absurd.

The IDF has released intelligence photos showing many of the targets, before they were attacked.


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