Palin gigs Obama's surge remarks


John McCain spoke to a crowd of thousands on a downtown street corner in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, late Friday morning.


Palin also spoke, and also repeated many of her memorable lines from her vice-presidential acceptance speech Wednesday night, including where she called the job of mayor "like a community organizer... but with responsibilities," taking a swipe at Democratic nominee Barack Obama's first political job.

She touched on her life as a small-town woman, but spent a great deal of time talking about Senator McCain's ability to handle the War in Iraq.

She also took a jab at some recent comments by Senator Obama.

"Senator Obama said that the surge 'succeeded beyond our wildest dreams,' I think said Senator Obama, that that surge has succeeded in ways that nobody anticipated. I guess when you turn out to be profoundly wrong on a vital national security issue, maybe it's comforting to pretend that everyone else was wrong, too. But I remember it a little differently. It seems to me there was one leader in Washington who did predict success, who refused to call retreat, and risked his own career for the sake of the surge and victory in Iraq. And, ladies and gentlemen, that man is standing right next to me -- Senator John McCain." (Emphasis added.)


Palin is devastating to the Obama campaign and the Democrats. She is going to have them so self conscience they want know what to say next.


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