Sadr group claims credit for Brit kidnapping


A Shia militia commander claimed today that the five British nationals kidnapped in Baghdad were driven straight into a hostage holding centre in a neighbourhood ruled by the firebrand cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

A cell commander in Sadr's Mahdi Army, the militia suspected of orchestrating the kidnapping, told The Daily Telegraph that the five men were taken to the centre near Mudafra Square in Sadr City, the Iraqi capital's biggest Shia district.

He claimed that the order to seize the hostages, who were visiting the finance ministry in central Baghdad, was handed down by Hassan Salim, the leading figure in the Mahdi Army militia in Sadr City.

"We are holding the British until they release our brothers from Camp Buca in Basra," he said. "There are hundreds there under British security, some of them for years. When they are released the British will be allowed to go."


Sadr should be brought in for questioning as well as the men mentioned in the story. The story does not mention the head of security for the building, but that is someone that definitely has some explaining to do as well as the local police who participated in the kidnapping. It does not appear that the SAS has made any moves at this point which suggest that they still are not sure where the captives are being held. Apparently the Mahdi militia wants to trade the Brits for some of their people who have been arrested. This is another example of the


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