Do the Swiss have any troops in Muslim countries?


Islamic:inspired terrorism is still a threat in Switzerland, according to an internal Swiss security report published on Thursday.

The Federal Police Office's annual report said that the country was in the "danger zone" in western Europe and that it was also used as a logistical and propaganda base.

In the past few years it has become clear that militant group al:Qaeda is still able to carry out attacks in western Europe, often using untrained individuals and at unexpected times, said the Police Office.

It added that Switzerland was known to be a logistics, preparation, propaganda centre, and retreat for extremist groups.

But the report noted that there were other reasons, apart from its geographical location, why Switzerland could become the target for a terror attack.

"Individual supporters of Jihad [Holy War] see Switzerland as part of a plot against Islam," said the Police Office in a statement.

"At the same time, according to our current information, there are active Islamic fundamentalists in Switzerland, among them extremists ready to use violence."


Didn't Zawahiri say that he would quit attacking the US if we got out of all Muslim lands? Could it be that he was just trying to fool us into a false bargain? The swiss have not been a threat outside their borders since the early Middle Ages when they invented the Halpern which led to the demise of the armed knights attacking on horseback. They do still have a few guards at the Vatican which al Qaeda might perceive as a threat by protecting the ultimate crusaders. Or, perhaps, they are just upset about all those Swiss bankers charging interest. Hat tip to My Pet Jawa.


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