Is Chavez losing country's respect?


Venezuela’s political divide spilt into violence on the streets of Caracas as thousands of people rallied, some to protest and others to celebrate, the closure of the country’s oldest and most watched private television station.

Radio Caracas Television (RCTV), an opposition-allied station, went off the air at midnight on Sunday after President Chávez withdrew its licence, accusing the network of “coup plotting”.

The move has fuelled accusations that Mr Chávez is moving towards an increasingly authoritarian rule and is quashing dissent against his “socialist revolution”.

Police and protesters clashed as thousands joined a rally in the hours before midnight, banging pots and pans and blowing whistles. Water cannon and rubber bullets were fired to disperse the crowds.

This is one of the few mainline publications that is covering Chavez move toward totalitarianism. CNN appears to have largely ignored Venezuela's loss of free speech, while Fox has given extensive coverage. Perhaps CNN is going along with Chavez the way it went along with Saddam. It is strange that there is not more interest in watching freedom die in this South American country. CNN does have an AP story on its web site with a link to a video of the police turning water cannons on the crowd.

This Reuters story speaks to the spreading repression to other networks that have been critical of Chavez and his absurd march toward the trash heap of history arm in arm with socialism.

Check out Gateway Pundit for several links to the action in Venezuela. The Belmont Club charts the progression toward dictatorship.


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