Confusing effect with cause

David Limbaugh:

Whether or not blind faith in man-made, catastrophic global warming has become a new religion, many of its adherents, ironically, embrace it with the same type of unquestioning zeal they sloppily attribute to and summarily condemn in Christians.

Case in point: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after leading a congressional delegation to Greenland, declared that she and her fellow travelers saw "firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality, there is just no denying it."

Pelosi is also sure the "global warming" is caused by human beings. She said, "It wasn't caused by the people of Greenland; it was caused by the behavior of the rest of the world."

Well, that settles it then. Speaker Pelosi sees Greenland's ice expansion, and the world is coming to an end. The debate is even more over; we now have a consensus about the already-declared consensus! Never mind substantial contrary evidence and opinion.

Pelosi, in keeping with her M.O. of lauding our foreign critics and enemies, praised the German government for its leadership on global warming. She made the trip -- consistent with her self-appointed role as shadow commander in chief and foreign policy czar -- in anticipation of the upcoming Group of Eight summit. There, the leading industrialized nations will discuss possible successors to the Kyoto Protocol, the international treaty, set to expire in 2012, that places limits on carbon dioxide emissions.


Pelosi said, "We hope that we can all assume our responsibilities with great respect and that our administration will be open to listening to why it is important to go forward perhaps in a different way than we have proceeded in the past." In other words, the president should get off his selfish, imperialistic, unilateralist duff and join European nations in their quest to bankrupt themselves in furtherance of a highly dubious (and debatable -- yes, debatable) cause.

Before Pelosi condemns President Bush too fiercely on this subject, she should be reminded that Democrats, along with Republicans, passed a unanimous Senate resolution (95-0) in 1997 opposing the United States's participation in Kyoto absent certain conditions. First, it must apply to developing nations, and second, it must not result in serious harm to the U.S. economy. Moreover, President Clinton never sent it to the Senate for ratification.


Again, the facts are not Speaker Pelosi's friends. According to Chris Horner's delicious "Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism," Europe promised it would live up to Kyoto; it isn't. It promised its carbon dioxide emissions would be down, but they're up, it promised its emissions would be dropping, but they are rising. "Since 2000 they are increasing three times as fast as America's." No matter. Europe still lambastes America because, like good liberals, it subscribes to the axiom that good intentions mean more than results.

Kyoto was more about posturing than about cure. One of the reasons the libs are so angry with Bush about not going along with the posturing is that it exposed how bogus the whole proposition was. Kyoto was to Global Warming what the Iraqi Regime Change Act was to liberation of Iraq in 1998. It was all posture and no commitment. That is what modern liberalism has become.

It is a series of postures without meaning other than the feelings of those doing the posing. It is the pretensions of those who claim to be reality based, but who fell gob smacked when reality and honesty are set forth by their political opponents.


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