The questions Greta did not ask

Cliff May:


1) Has any Palestinian religious or political leader publicly condemned the coerced conversion? Has U.N. Secretary General Kofi Anan said a word about it? (Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the U.N. Charter.) How about the leading Muslim organizations in the U.S. and Europe? If not, why not and what does this tell us?

2) Centanni and Wiig continue to emphasize that their experience should not discourage news organizations from covering Gaza, from "telling the story of the Palestinian people...Come and tell the story. It's a wonderful story," Centanni said. Is the mission of Fox's London bureau to tell the "wonderful story" of the British people? Do reporters cover the White House in order to tell the "wonderful story" of George W. Bush? This is patronizing and it's pandering. Journalism and public relations are both respectable professions. But there is a difference between them. When dealing with violent groups in the Middle East do journalists somehow seem to forget this. (BTW: Will Centanni and Wiig return to Gaza? Since I assume they did not sincerely convert, they will not now be practicing Muslims – they will be apostates and therefore targets for capital punishment. No story in that?)


6) Is there any chance that there will be some self-examination by the media about the extent to which kidnappings and other threats intimidate journalists and influence their coverage, not least in such places as Gaza and Lebanon? Surely, anyone who fancies himself a media critic should be all over this story.
What is so wonderful about a group of terrorist who engage in murder kidnapping and forced conversions without consequence? It would appear that question 2) answers question 6). When you see how the Palestinians manipulate the news with their fake victim strategy you have to wonder why Centanni thinks they ahve a wonderful story. What kind of hideous religion approves of forced conversions? Oh well, it does remind me of the story of the two guys discussion of infant baptism. The first asks, "Do you believe in infant baptism?" The second responds, "Believe it? Heck, I have seen it." At least they are only torturing the infant by splashing a little water on it, without putting a gun to its head.


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