Another media meltdown

Howard Kurtz:

Will every anchor, correspondent and producer who shamelessly hyped the John Mark Karr story now apologize for taking the country for a ride?

Don't hold your breath.

This was such a sham, from the opening moments, that it instantly goes down with the greatest media embarrassments in modern history.

A strange, creepy character emerges from the shadows of Thailand and says he killed JonBenet Ramsey a decade ago? A guy with no known connection to the family? A yutz whose own relatives, including an ex-wife who hates him, says he wasn't even in Colorado at the time?


Unfortunately, there is more. My speculation about this since it first became news is that Karr was trying to get out of Thailand and this was a way to get someone else to come up with the airline fare. The normal charge on a one way ticket is over $1,000. Karr's trip back was probably twice that because it was first class with an escort. Apparently while in Thailand Karr took advantage of their unigue medical treatment and had much of his body hair removed which accounts for is unusual look. He may have also gotten in trouble with local authorities, which would give him another reason to come up with a scheme to get out of Bangkok. The city has a reputation of being the Disneyland of sex, so it would probably take some doing to get in trouble as a predator.

Update: Neal Boortz agrees. He calls it a "tax-payer funded jailbreak."


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