Politics and religion and the media

From the Wasington Times:

Few see Democrats as friendly to religion

and the NY Times headline on the same poll:

In Poll, G.O.P. Slips as a Friend of Religion

The NY Times story discusses the Democrat deficit this way:


The Democratic Party suffers from the perception of an even more drastic religion deficit, but that is not new. Just 26 percent of poll respondents said the Democratic Party was friendly to religion, down from 29 percent last year.

The Wasington Times looking at the same poll found:


Moreover, no political party welcomes the religious left with open arms. Twenty-six percent of those polled said the Democratic Party is friendly toward religion, 42 percent thought it was neutral and 20 percent thought it was unfriendly. Three years ago in a similar Pew poll, 42 percent said the party was friendly toward religion.

It appears the NY Times shorten the comparison period to suggest that the Democrats were not losing as much ground as they have. Whenyou consider that both stories are very likely to be accurate, you also have to believe that the NY Times has an agenda beyond just relaying the facts.


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