Terrorist plots in UK stretching MI5

Captain's Quarters:

The Times of London reports that MI-5 and the police have found themselves stretched to the limit from a score of active terrorist bomb plots. The Home Secretary has told the nation that so many Islamist conspiracies are afoot that the security agencies have no time to participate in an inquiry regarding the Tube bombings last year:

TWENTY “major conspiracies” by Islamist terrorists in Britain have been uncovered by the security services, John Reid, the home secretary, has disclosed. ...

Reid revealed the existence of the plots — far more than have previously been reported — at a meeting with some of the victims’ relatives and survivors of the attacks last week.

He failed to give further details but the claim appears to fit in with briefings by MI5 which suggest that as many as 1,200 potential terrorist suspects may now be in the UK.

One of the operations is thought to have been the target of raids by hundreds of police officers last week. Anti-terrorist police believe they may have thwarted a wave of suicide bomb attacks on British and US forces in Iraq.

The police arrested eight men during the armed raids. The men, all from Libya, were being held on suspicion of encouraging and financing Al-Qaeda operations abroad.

British police and MI-5 believe they have foiled at least three al-Qaeda plots since the July 7 bombings that killed 54 Londoners. Three more plots have already been uncovered and suspected terrorists charged. Taking the one plot from last week's raids off the list, and that leaves 13 active conspiracies to engage terrorist attacks in the UK, presumably each separate from the other. Small wonder that MI-5 has no time to appear in an inquiry on a plot long since discharged.


There is more. The enemy is being defeated but he has not quit. It is important that we not quit and that we continue to take the fight to him in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


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