Iragis get big haul with capture of a top terrorist

AP/Fox News:

The Iraqi government said Tuesday it has captured a key terror suspect who allegedly confessed to hundreds of beheadings.


Ahmed Hussein Dabash Samir al-Batawi was arrested by a terrorist combat unit on Monday in Baghdad, according to the prime minister's office.

The unit also seized documents, cell phones and computers that contained the names and addresses of other wanted terrorists and information on Islamic extremist groups, the government said in a statement.

"Al-Batawi is considered at the top of the terrorist list," the statement said, adding he had "committed the ugliest crimes against innocent civilians especially in Hurriyah neighborhood that witnessed many massacres."

The government said al-Batawi confessed under questioning that he beheaded hundreds of Iraqis in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces.


Perhaps he will also confess the location of Zarqawi and other terrorist.


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