Koran abuse obsession

Neal Boortz:

Never has this much attention been paid to the so-called "abuse" of a book by the media. But since we're talking about the Koran, the Muslim Holy Book, it is being treated as an international incident. On top of that, the press perceives that Koran abuse stories are bad for George Bush, so this is what we get. It's a repeat of Abu Ghraib. Find a negative story ... and ride it for all it's worth.

Since Newsweek broke their story (and had to retract it because it wasn't true,) the media has been in overdrive trying to corroborate the story and cover for Newsweek. There must have been some Koran abuse going on somewhere! Well now we have it. Sort of.

The ACLU has released some FBI documents that show detainees at Gitmo complained of Koran abuse. The documents also say detainees complained of the Koran being flushed down the toilet, kicked, withheld as punishment and thrown on the floor. Say it isn't so! The race is on by the left to cover for Newsweek, embarrass the Pentagon and bash George Bush.

But wait .. that's not the whole story.

These documents say virtually every source for a story of Koran abuse is a detainee ... a detainee who might also be an Islamic terrorist. Prisoners lie. They make stuff up. Once again, we have more uncorroborated stories. Second, and perhaps most importantly, who cares? We are engaged in a war for the survival of the republic against bloodthirsty Muslim jihadists that want to kill us. The handling of their Koran should be the least of our concerns. Do you think Muslims would allow a Christian to have a Bible in an Islamic jail? Remember .. the confiscate and destroy Bibles in Saudi Arabia. Sorry .. I'm not going to get all worked up over allegations from Islamic goons that their precious holy word is being abused. BFD.

And one more thing....would the media be so worked up if a Bible were being desecrated? Would we read stories about how groups of people would be offended? Would there be any rioting? Nope.
Boortz gets it right. This "isn't awful" story like the Abu Ghraid story is a story only because it helps the left hurt US policy in Iraq. In both cases the underlying policy of the US actually opposes the conduct being attributed to the US. But, repeating the stories obsessively is a clever way to give the enemy some clip board material to get them excited for their next murderous tantrum.


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