A place in California where sanity prevails--They vote against Democrats

LA Times:
On a cattle ranch three bridges past a giant lone poplar tree on this isolated northeastern edge of California, Jeffrey Hemphill for once feels part of something larger.

He and his Lassen County neighbors cast 73% of their ballots, the strongest vote in the state, to elect Donald Trump for president.

They voted against the rest of California on almost every other ballot issue too, rejecting increased gun regulation, a plastic bag ban, tax hikes, prison parole and the recreational use of marijuana, all seen locally as urban impositions on the rural soul.

“People still have morals and values here,” Hemphill said, walking past the side-by-side houses his grandfather and father built in the backyard that is a 400-acre pasture. It is a path of work and pride, from the discarded tractor tires he converted into watering tanks to the steer his daughter is raising for 4H.

“We’re up here out of sight and out of mind and that’s how the state treats us.”

For much of California, the November election marked another banner year for Democrats and many of the causes they champion,

Once solidly Republican areas like Orange County tilted to Hillary Clinton over Trump. Democrats took every county in Southern California as well as the entire coast, save for tiny Del Norte County at the very top of the state.

But Lassen and about a dozen other counties in the far northern reaches remained solidly red.

This is an area political scientist Eric McGhee at the Public Policy Institute of California calls “typical conservative,” “a touch libertarian” and “still very white.”

Lassen is 60% white, making it increasingly an outlier in a state where Latinos now outnumber whites.
"One of the key things you are missing up there is diversity," McGhee said. "Statewide the general movement is Democratic [but] the far north of the state is very white.”
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That last quote is a real tell on how liberals think.  It never occurs to them that people who disagree with them on the issues are part of the diversity of thought that is missing from other areas of California.  It is not like a county with only 60 percent white population is an apartheid area.  Lassen sounds more like the majority in the rest of the country with the rest of California out step and out of touch with reality.


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