When will Obama notice Hillary Clinton's unfitness for office?

NY Times:

Calling Trump ‘Unfit,’ Obama Urges G.O.P. to Abandon Him

President Obama said Republicans’ criticisms of Donald J. Trump “ring hollow” as they continue to support his bid for the presidency.

His strongest denouncement yet of Mr. Trump came amid the furor over the candidate’s remarks about the family of a fallen soldier who was Muslim.
But he is OK with a congenital liar who mishandles the nation's secrets?

While I do not support Trump, I find Hilary Clinton equally unfit for office and so would the NY Times and Obama if she were a Republican.

I thought Trump badly mishandled his reaction to Mr. Khan's speech.  Mike Pence did a much better job, showing he has better political skills.  But it is a mistake for Obama to cast aspersions on a nominee's fitness for office.  What is he going to do if Trump wins, refuse to leave the White House and have a coup?

There are many in this country who question Obama's fitness for office based on his record.  He is in dangerous territory with this line of rhetoric.


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