Wall Street's favorite candidate slams Trump tax plan

Fox News:
Wall Street's preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, slammed Donald Trump's economic plan on Monday at a rally in St. Petersburg Florida -- for being too favorable to Wall Street.

Clinton ridiculed Trump's hand-picked economic team for consisting of "three Wall Street money managers, an oil baron, a former chief economist from one of the banks at the heart of the financial crisis."

For every single dollar Donald Trump received from the financial industry through July 21, Hillary Clinton received more than $539.

Trump's "tax plans will give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy, just like him and the guys who wrote the speech," she said.

For Clinton to attack Trump as the candidate of Wall St. indicates a stunning contempt for the intelligence of the average American voter. From 2001 until Clinton launched her 2016 campaign, the Clinton's collected more than $153 million in speaking fees, including $7.7 million for at least 39 speeches to large banks like Goldman Sachs and UBS.

If Clinton's record as a clear favorite of the Wall Street speaking circuit isn't enough of a hint as to who is the real candidate for Wall Street in this election, the vast sums of money her campaign has raised from Wall St. donors compared to Trump is a sign as a subtle as an anvil on the head.
2016 Election Headquarters
She is certainly a shameless hypocrite.  But Wall Street's limousine liberals will deserve what they get from her bad economic policies.  Her high tax policies will harm the economy while cutting corporate taxes would have led to an economic boom that would also have created millions of  real jobs.


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