Trump manages to overstate Obama's incompetent handling of ISIL

NY Times:

Donald Trump Calls Obama ‘Founder of ISIS’ and Says It Honors Him

His suggestion recalled an earlier controversy when Mr. Trump seemingly implied that the president had some link to the terrorist massacre of 49 people at in Orlando.
Al-Baghdadi was the founder of ISIL and it was an outgrowth of al-Qaeda in Iraq which was defeated in the surge during the Bush administration and came back to life after Obama's retreat from Iraq.  It was a terrible strategic blunder that has cost thousands of lives in the region and abroad.

The facts are damning enough without exaggeration.


  1. ISIS real founder was Abu Al Zarqawi the butcher of Iraq, he was the leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq. the forerunner of ISIS. Al Qaeda in Iraq, split into too, the Zarqawi wing under the control of Al Baghdadi became the leader of ISIS.


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