Trump does not handle criticism well

Tim Carney:
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan may be learning this week that his deal with the Donald is not what he thought it was.

Joining Donald Trump in the New York billionaire's march to the White House probably doesn't make Ryan Trump's legislator-in-chief, as many have hoped. No relationship with Trump can be that clean. Trump this week reminded Ryan of that.

Many conservatives have pegged their tattered hopes for the next four years on the theory that a President Trump would be aloof from policymaking, and that he'd just let conservatives around him craft the details.

Conservative Republican staffers in Washington have justified boarding the Trump Train with such wishful thinking. Trump doesn't care about policy, they argue. If pro-lifers, entitlement reformers and tax-cutters join Trump's team and help him win, they will drive the ship.
But a Trump-Ryan partnership of that sort was never possible, because that's not the sort of man Donald Trump is.

Trump showed it again this week. After Ryan had the temerity to criticize Trump's jihad against Khzir Khan — the father of a Muslim Army officer who gave his life in Iraq — Trump taunted Ryan with a tweet of appreciation for the speaker's Republican primary challenger.

At best, this was petty payback by Trump, the self-described "counterpuncher." What would that portend for a Trump-Ryan partnership in Washington? Sure, I may let you write up your little entitlement reform as long as you never criticize a single one of my authoritarian proclamations, bigoted utterances and putrid rhetorical turds. Of course, it would also fit the pattern if Trump were just arbitrarily and capriciously smacking Ryan around — you know, just to let him know who's boss.

Endorsing Trump, it turns out, was only the first indignity.

You can understand Trump better if you read up on Lyndon Johnson or if you visit any local dog park. A primary aim of his social interactions is to establish dominance over other men. Look at how he has demeaned Chris Christie (even making fat jokes) and taunted his former opponents after they endorsed him.
Trump is just being the jerk he has shown himself to be throughout the campaign.  It is who he is, and he will frustrate anyone who tries to tame him into being a responsible adult.  He has a core group of followers who like being jerks too and delight in the indignities he heaps on others, but that is no way to build consensus to accomplish anything in this country.

It also explains why Trump is so frustrated by someone like Ted Cruz who will not bow and scrape to his whims.  So far he has attacked more Republicans than Democrats in his quest for power.


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