The Trumpists say Republicans should focus on Hillary but their guy is ...

Erick Erickson:
I’d like to note that the braying jackass they are supporting has today attacked the parents of a dead soldier, the Republican Speaker of the House, the Republican Senator from Arizona, and babies.

Yesterday he was attacking the junior Senator from Texas, and continued his attacks on Ted Cruz today.

Maybe they should worry about their candidate’s lack of focus on Hillary Clinton instead of my focus on pointing out they’ve been conned by a braying jackass.
Trump's focus seems to be on his feelings and his animosity toward criticism which easily distracts him from a focus on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.  Yesterday, it looked like he was off his Adderall.  His attention deficit disorder was off the charts.

As Leon Wolf puts it:
Trump Refuses To Endorse Paul Ryan, Keeps Laser-Like Focus On The Enemy: Congressional Republicans
Party officials are getting frustrated with Trump's off message criticisms:
Trump's antics fuel talk of mutiny among fed-up GOP


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