The Trump alienation machine continues to limit his appeal

NY Times:

Trump Risks Hitting Ceiling as Swing Voters Say, ‘Enough’

Instead of widening his appeal, Mr. Trump continues to alienate certain groups, leaving him stagnant in the polls.
He is apparently uncoachable:

Inside the Mission to Save Donald Trump From Himself

The Republican candidate Donald J. Trump continues to defy his advisers’ efforts to get him to stick to his message, to the point that they believe he may be beyond coaching.
Judged on his current public performance, he clearly is resistant to staying on message.  And when he is on message in criticizing Hillary Clinton's many faults, he tends to overstate his case giving the media another opportunity to fact check him and give him a failing grade.

It is not just Trump that is the problem.  Many of his followers are actually worse when it comes to alienating people they should be trying to persuade.  It is the first campaign that I can recall that has tried to insult its way to victory.

Clinton is clearly beatable but it will take a more disciplined candidate to do it.


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