The liberal's mess in Milwaukee

Sheriff David Clarke:
Liberal politics and media fueled Milwaukee riots

The failed progressive urban policy causes anger and resentment in people that simmers below the surface. The officer-involved-shooting was simply a catalyst that ignited the already volatile mixture of inescapable poverty, failing K-12 public schools, dysfunctional lifestyle choices like father absent homes, gang involvement, drug/alcohol abuse and massive unemployment.

Here are the facts: Milwaukee is run by progressive Democrats. Their decades-long Democrat regime has done nothing to reduce these urban pathologies, in fact, their strategies have exacerbated the situation by expanding the welfare state.
There is much more.

Sheriff Clarke has nailed the source of the problem.  But I do not expect any Democrat to change or admit that what they have been doing is not working.  Instead, they will attempt to blame Republicans and others for the mess they are responsible for.  It has been over 100 years since there was a Republican mayor of Milwaukee.

The mob appears to want to foul their own nest in hopes that someone else will pay to rebuild it.


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