Libertarians squander an opportunity by nominating a dud

Washington Examiner Editorial:
Yet now, when libertarian ideas might stand a fair chance in a presidential race between two unattractive major-party candidates, libertarians have nominated a candidate who isn't just not a purist; he isn't much of a libertarian at all.

Many anti-Trump conservatives may cast a protest vote for former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson in November, for lack of a more attractive alternative. But the candidate seems intent on reducing his party's platform to a sort of warmed-over liberal Republicanism with the eclectic add-on of support for drug legalization.
Other than not coming across as a liar or a jerk, he just does not have that much going for him.  Just when the party had a great opportunity to garner disaffected voters, these guys are running as liberal Republicans.   Did they not notice that most disaffected Republicans are conservatives?


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