Hillary Clinton is unfit to be President

Tim Carney:
Donald Trump is unqualified to be president of the United States, and Republicans ought to be embarrassed he is their nominee.

For largely different reasons, Hillary Clinton is also unqualified to be president of the United States, and Democrats ought to be embarrassed she is their nominee.

"False equivalence!" the scolds will cry. But the two need not be equivalent in all or most senses in order for them to be equivalent in one crucial matter: They both fail a basic test of fitness for the presidency of our constitutional republic.

This wasn't true of other recent nominees. Mitt Romney was naïve about policymaking, Barack Obama was inexperienced and too liberal, John McCain was a bit impetuous and under-informed on economics, John Kerry was mostly just uninspired and uninspiring, and George W. Bush was too much of a cowboy.

These are all weaknesses, and a president's weakness can always be dangerous. But our republican democracy was built for government by men (and women) and not just by angels. Our government is resilient enough to withstand a deeply flawed president.

An incontinent, narcissistic, authoritarian president would be a dire threat, though. So, also, would be a president whose decades in government taught her that she is above the rule of law and the rules of morality — that she has the right to lie and obfuscate, and to ignore the law.

Which is the lesser of the two evils? Impermeable murk makes this question impossible to answer with confidence. I can't judge any American who decides to vote based on his or her calculation of the lesser of two evils. But before even putting the evils on a scale, it's important to state that either a Trump presidency or a Clinton presidency would indeed be an evil.
She's either an outlaw, or she thinks she's above the law.

A constitutional republic cannot tolerate a president who sees herself as above the law. A president above the law becomes the law, setting the republic on a fast slope to despotism.
There is more.

Can you trust her?  The only people who do are those who agree with her bad policies to bei]gin with and don't care whether she follows the law.


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