Genocidal terrorists at war with each other

NBC News:
ISIS fighters exporting their deadly ideology have forced rivals Iran and Pakistan into a tentative terror-fighting partnership.

The national security czars of both Iran and Pakistan met in Tehran on July 24 to discuss "the need to fight against the common threat posed by … ISIS" and announced they would come together to police their 600-mile border.

The shared regional threat was underscored Tuesday when dozens were killed in a suicide bombing at a hospital in the southwestern Pakistani city of Quetta. ISIS was one of two groups to issue competing claims of responsibility.

Since surging into the international spotlight by capturing swathes of Syria and Iraq in the summer of 2014, ISIS has sprouted several regional branches outside of their initial heartland.

One branch — dubbed the province of Khorasan — has killed hundreds in Afghanistan, including a July 23 attack in Kabul that killed 81 and injured 237.

The Pentagon said Friday that a U.S. drone strike had killed the leader of ISIS's branch in Afghanistan, though he's been reported dead before.

It comes amid mounting fears that ISIS is expanding its operational reach.
While Pakistan is more of regional terrorist supporter, Iran and ISIL are competing for worldwide domination.  They both want to utterly destroy all those who do not accept their weird beliefs,  The world would be a safer place of all three could manage to lose.


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