Brits convict preacher of hate tied to 500 jihadis

The radical hate preacher Anjem Choudary is finally behind bars as police revealed he has links to 500 British jihadis currently fighting with Isil in Syria.

The 49-year-old, who has spent the past 20 years radicalising a generation of would-be terrorists, was convicted after swearing an oath of allegiance to Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

But there remain questions over why it took so long to bring a successful prosecution against Choudary after it emerged he has links to 15 terror plots since 2000.

And how he was able to use social media to promote his extremists views without being censored.
British born Choudary and one of his followers, Mohammad Mizanur Rahman, 33, were convicted last month following a four week trial at the Old Bailey.

But details were only made public on Tuesday when a judge lifted reporting restrictions that had been imposed during a similar case featuring some of his associates. He is currently in Belmarsh prison awaiting sentence.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said: “These dangerous individuals were recruiting sergeants for Daesh. They poisoned the minds of vulnerable people and their warped and twisted propaganda offered support and succour to a murderous and barbaric terrorist organisation.
There is much more including a list of the items in the reign of terror he had planned for the UK once Sharia Law was imposed.  He seemed to be the face of radical Islam in the UK.  The US needs to f0ollow the lead of the UK in dealing with the preachers of hate that populate some of the mosques.


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