Some in power sector still ignore cyber security

Fuel Fix:
Energy companies view safety as a top priority, but just 65 percent of utilities have cybersecurity program, based on responses to a survey released Wednesday.

Results of the survey by consulting firm Black & Veatch showed that many utilities are not planning on adopting computer security measures. And some respondents said they didn’t know if they’re companies have cybersecurity programs.

The responses illustrate a disconnect between many energy companies’ focus on physical safety and their knowledge of risks posed by increasingly automated systems that could be compromised.

“This level of automation helps drive efficiency, but it is important to recognize that each connected device also becomes a network access point subject to attack by hackers,” said a Black & Veatch report on the survey results.
Only a third had systems in place to deal with cyber attacks.  I find this surprising since the threat has been openly discussed for some time.  An attack for which there is no prepared defense could be costly for these companies and their customers.  Those who use their products and services should be doing their own due diligence and demanding that the programs be put in place to insure an uninterrupted supply.


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