Raid on Iran's weapons depot in Sudan

Strategy Page:
Israeli officials have quietly revealed that the force sent to bomb an Sudanese weapons plant on October 23rd consisted of eight F-15I fighter-bombers, four of them carrying two 2000 pound (909 kg) smart bombs each. In support were two combat search and rescue helicopters, a G-550 electronics warfare aircraft and a B-707 aerial refueling aircraft. The flight was about 1,900 kilometers each way. The eight bombs are believed to have destroyed 200 tons of Iranian made munitions destined for Hamas in Gaza. Only the four F-15Is with the bombs entered Sudanese air space, and the entire force promptly headed back north in international air space after the eight smart bombs hit their targets. Israel has space satellites for checking on the damage.
It is an interesting composition of force.  The Israelis were also able to spoof the Sudanese radar in the same way they spoofed Syrian radar in the raid on that country's nuke facility.   Iran has since been trying to restock weapons destined for Gaza which they plan to use after an Israelis attack on their nukes.


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