US tells Haqqanis no ground troops will be used in attacks

Reuters/Arab News:
 A senior US official told Reuters on Friday that Washington would not send ground troops into Pakistan to attack militant positions in North Waziristan. “There will be no boots on the ground,” the official said.
“That has been communicated to them (the Pakistanis).”
Pakistan and the United States have engaged in a diplomatic fusillade over the last week after outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said a Taleban faction was a “veritable arm” of the Pakistani spy agency.
Anti-American protests broke out in several Pakistani cities on Friday, a day after political leaders joined in rejecting US accusations that Islamabad was supporting militants.
I think this was a mistake.  Pakistan and the Haqqanis should both worry about such strikes.  I would consider ordering them the next time the Haqqanis strike in Pakistan.  Even without them, I would order heavy air strikes against the Haqqani sanctuaries in Pakistan.


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