Hamas hiding behind skirts in Gaza City

Washington Post:

When thousands of heavily armed Israeli soldiers poured into the Gaza Strip on Saturday night, Hamas pulled back.

Rather than stand and fight against the Middle East's strongest army, the Islamist movement opted for a tactical withdrawal, with its fighters melting away into the strip's sprawling cities and refugee camps, according to Gaza residents and Israeli military analysts and officers.

Now, Hamas appears to be daring the Israeli troops to follow.

"They're hitting here and there with antitank missiles and mortars. Overall, though, they're not confronting the Israeli presence in Gaza," said retired Gen. Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, former chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces. "They're challenging the Israeli military to enter the built-up areas."

For Israel, the temptation to move in is great: After 12 days of air-, sea- and land-based attacks that have weakened the Islamist movement's capabilities, Israeli leaders are weighing whether now is the time to try to deal a death blow to Hamas. That, analysts say, would require an expanded ground operation in the twisting alleys of Gaza's main population centers.


Analysts say that unleashing ground forces in Gazan cities and refugee camps would almost certainly allow Hamas to launch a campaign of urban warfare featuring sniper fire, suicide attacks and car bombs. The death toll would rise on both sides when Israel is already under international pressure to end its offensive. Palestinian health officials say more than 680 people have been killed in Gaza since the operation began, about a third of them women and children, according to the United Nations.


Urban warfare is not really what Hamas has in mind.

What Hamas is looking for is a new victim offensive where they can blame Israel for noncombatant casualties. Hamas is looking to use more human shields to hide behind as they strike out at the Israelis. It is a cowardly immoral way of making war but it is the Hamas way. It is surprising the media has not noticed yet.

The Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer identified it early on noting that Hamas prized not only Israeli noncombatant casualties, but also Palestinian noncombatant casualties. The Post reporters should pay more attention to Krauthammer in their analysis of the strategy of Hamas.


  1. In case you haven't noticed, many famous Hamas officials have died since the attack...sooo they aren't really hiding or using human shields, it's the jews who are use using an estimation of three bombs to kill one Hamas soldier, killing 10 civilians with him, and ofcourse let's not forget their traditional school bombing,too(they've done it in Egypt before).
    A big "And" here...Hamas are fighting back but only using unexperienced guerrilla tactics.
    Unfortunately, their numbers is no match for the invaders' army and israel seems to believe that they are hiding between children and infants.
    This is not a war...they are just celebrating their Holocaust.
    Ugh...these jews don't belong here in the first place. Palestine was originally a british colony and, unlike all other colonies in the 20th century, they were not allowed their independence and their lands were given to pissed off unwanted jews from Europe!
    May God be on Gaza's side.

  2. absolutely agreed. i live in l.a. and palestinians have been protesting at the israeli consolate. it's rediculous. I hear reports on he radio and end up screaming back in my car "how is everybody so oblivious. The hamas are a savage group of manaics that don't give a care about palestinian lives." incredible. I honestly hope that Israel atacks now while they are weak, before the UN tries to step in and throw some kind of peace treaty at the two. Peace is impossible when you are dealing with animals who HOPE to die as long as they kill another person with them.

  3. who is hiding behaind the USA skirts, Israel, Mubarak egypt, saudi arabia, Maliki iraq, Crazy, tony Blair, black water is that enough

  4. I'm surprised you're accepting comments. You can complain about tactics. The palistineans obviously have. Everything you've said, the terms that you've used, can be reversed and used to describe the other side. I'd say the biggest difference is what either side has to lose. When you got nothing you got nothing to lose.

  5. Dealing with animals? When you treat people like animals, when they are second class citizens, when they have to bow to you just to get medical suppplies, then they are probably going to act like animals. When humans are afforded economic opportunity, freedom, and the rights of self-determination, fundamentalism and violence will wane.

    Israel was given to the Jewish people by the UN, not god. Palestinians don't have any divine right to it either. Both have a right to be treated like humans and respected. I think if Israel can get over its superiority complex, the Palestinians won't be idiots and turn to fundamentalist Islam for the answer to their woes.

  6. Adham ; many famous Hamas officials have died when attacked as they were hiding in various shelters. They weren't commanding no one. The Jews use bombs to activate the bombs traps that Hamas planted all around and inside its towns.
    Hamas "fighters" hiding in their caves in the main cities are surrounding themselves with kids in order to defer the Jews from attacking. Mostly the Jews don't attack then. The core of the Hamas military and politically "leaders" are hiding under "Shifa" hospital to avoid Israeli attack.

    Till now about 600 Gazans had been killd. 450 of them are terrorists from various "clubs".
    The "traditional UNRA school" was used by Hamas mortar gang to shoot over Israeli soldiers, and that's why they get an counter shooting. There is no any evidence that other people really killed. I tend to assume that the Hamas unvented that story without providing any evidence.

    The numbers of Hamasniks is about 20,000. Ad to that the other terror organizations and you will get about 30,000 Muslim terrorists.
    The number of the IDF soldiers is quite less than 7000. So you have to correct you lies.

    Palestine wasn't originally a british colony but the Land of Israel. Arabs have the whole ME and NA. Half of historical Palestine already arab: Jordan. Why can't the Jew control their ancient Holy Land?
    God doesn't take Gaza's side. Allah does!

    abdo ; Israel does't hide at all. Sure not under any US skirt. That's why she attacked you by surprise.


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