Saudi Grand Mufti speaks out on al Qaeda

Arab News:


Al-Asheikh called on young Saudis not to be enticed by militants. He further demanded coordinated action from Saudis and residents to uncover members of the group.

In a nine-point statement, the mufti said the criminal acts planned by the militants would not come from the mind of a true believer, adding that these militants were acting as tools in the hands of the enemies of Islam and Saudi Arabia. Al-Asheikh, who is the Kingdom’s highest religious authority, said Islam does not allow the killing of innocent people. He also cautioned Muslim youth against deviant ideologies whose proponents want to undermine the Kingdom’s security.

“You should be aware that these militants, who claim to work for the cause of Islam and defend Muslims, actually hide their vested interests and vicious objectives,” he said.

Al-Asheikh warned Saudis and residents against providing protection and refuge to militants.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this statement. It is too bad it was not made eight years ago while al Qaeda was still planning its mass murder for Allah attacks on New York and Washington. The statement does indicate a level of seriousness in fighting al Qaeda that has not always been apparent in Saudi Arabia. It comes on the heels of the Saudi announcement of the arrest of 701 al Qaeda "militants"/terrorist. Hopefully they will also go after the people who are funding the terrorist.


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