Islamic Jihad loses more leadership targets to Israel


Israel has carried out a missile attack on the Gaza Strip, killing seven Palestinians, a day after a suicide bombing in northern Israel.

A leading member of Islamic Jihad and three other members of the militant group were among those killed.

Hours later, Israel fired missiles into an area which the army said was used by militants to launch rockets.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had pledged action in response to the bomb in Hadera which killed five Israelis.

Islamic Jihad said the bomb was carried out to avenge the death of one of its leaders.

Witnesses said the missiles struck a white Subaru car that was travelling between the northern refugee camp of Jabaliya and the town of Beit Lahiya.

Shadi Mohanna, Islamic Jihad's field commander in northern Gaza, died along with his assistant, Mohammed Ghazaineh.


When are these guys going to figure out that god is not on their side? Religious bigots like Islamic Jihad and Hamas are the soul brothers of the genocidal president of Iran. Israel should continue to target the leadership of these organizations including the ones hiding in Damascus.


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