Freepers continue to battle the Code Pinkos

Washington Post:

Every Friday night, Gael Murphy and Kristinn Taylor meet in Northwest Washington, separated by a bustling four-lane road -- and a whole lot more.

Since spring, the two have stood firmly on opposite sides of Georgia Avenue NW in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Murphy leading a coalition of war protesters, Taylor marshaling supporters of the Iraq war.

Both sides say they are there to support the troops. Beyond that, there's little common ground.

"They start yelling, 'Murderer!' 'Traitor!' They call me by name," said Murphy, a co-founder of the women's antiwar group Code Pink. "It's aimed at disrupting our vigil."

To Taylor, a spokesman for the local chapter of, a politically conservative Web site, disruption is an honorable goal.

"It's galling for us to see them across the street," he said. "They've endorsed the terrorists."


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