Iran said that it will wipe Israel off the map with unintended attacks?


Iran says it has no intention to attack Israel despite a call by its president to have it "wiped off the map".

Iran's foreign ministry said Tehran respected the UN charter and had never used or threatened to use force.

But it also rejected a UN Security Council statement condemning President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over his remarks.

The comments were seen by the outside world as a threat and the reaction from Iran is an effort to calm the outcry, says the BBC's Tehran correspondent.

The BBC's Frances Harrison says this is the closest Iran has come to saying it will not attack Israel.


Iran's intentions since 1979 have been to attack Israel using proxy warriors like Hezballah and other terrorist organizations. Iran still has to use covert attacks because it is not strong enough to attack directly. Perhaps that is why Iran is developing nuclear weapons.


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