Voting with the minature horse

Maret Fuchs, NY Times:

If they only had an attraction, the sisters at the Monastery of St. Clare concluded, they could solve their two longstanding problems. For one, they had to stay cloistered while still somehow spreading the word. Secondly, although the contemplative life is the center of their existence, it does not cover the bills.

"We don't get paid to pray," said Sister Angela Chandler, 48, soft-spoken but kinetic.

The solution to both problems came two decades ago in the form of horses the size of large dogs. Today, the nuns have become so successful in their horse-breeding enterprise that their home is known as the Monastery of Miniature Horses.

Read the whole story. The monastery is where my precinct votes now. Originally we voted in a building near a county maintenace shed where the road grader is kept, but someone ran off the road and totalled the building a few years ago, so since then all elections have been in some building on the monastery, although I tend to use the Shakespearean term nunnery. It is too bad Fuchs was not aware of this other attraction.


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