Libs try to buy some ideas to push

The Hill:

George Soros told a carefully vetted gathering of 70 likeminded millionaires and billionaires last weekend that they must be patient if they want to realize long-term political and ideological yields from an expected massive investment in “startup” progressive think tanks.

The Scottsdale, Ariz., meeting, called to start the process of building an ideas production line for liberal politicians, began what organizers hope will be a long dialogue with the “partners,” many from the high-tech industry. Participants have begun to refer to themselves as the Phoenix Group.

Rob Stein, a veteran of President Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department and of New York investment banking, convened the meeting of venture capitalists, left-leaning moneymen and a select few D.C. strategists on how to seed pro-Democratic think tanks, media outlets and leadership schools to compete with such entrenched conservative institutions as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Leadership Institute.


Despite the general recognition that progressives are several years behind conservatives, liberal activists are confident that technology will help them close the gap. “Technology may allow us to do in a few years what it took the other side 40 years,” the DNC source said.
They are not getting any ideas out of academia which they control because political correctness stifles independent thinking. Any straying from liberal orthodoxy is immediately punished. They will probably have the same problem in their think tanks. Many of the ideas that Bush is pushing for Social Security reform came from Democrats, but because they stray from orthodoxy and would make people less dependent on the goverment they are opposed. FDR was successful because he was willing to try new ideas to solve problems. Todays liberals punish those with new ideas. They are not progressive as they claim, they are regressive and reactionary.


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