Economy squeezes Dems

Donald Lambro:

We're finally seeing growing public realization the American economy is in full recovery — and that President Bush's tax cuts are the reason.


The Bush campaign is using the time left to tout the recovery in nonstop TV ads in a bid to push his numbers even higher, but don't just take their word for it. Even the president's severest critics, people who hate his tax cuts, are crowing about the economy's comeback and saying the across-the-board tax-rate reductions are the reason for the yearlong business expansion.
Listen to The Washington Post's ultraliberal economic writer Steven Pearlstein — no Bush fan, but who now credits the president's tax cut policies for the vigorous economic revival:
"On that score, Bush deserves high marks," he wrote recently. "He pushed through a series of tax cuts that, whatever their lousy long-term impacts, provided a significant turbo charge to the Federal Reserve's high-octane monetary policy. Without them, the recession would surely have been deeper and longer."


As for John Kerry's repeated charges the economy is terrible and this is the "weakest recovery" since the Great Depression, Mr. Pearlstein says that is "simply economic nonsense."
Contrary to Mr. Kerry's accusations that people are earning less, Mr. Pearlstein says an objective look at the economic data shows inflation-adjusted pay scales have "begun to pick up in the last year," much of it in health-care benefits. "And because more people are working more hours, earning more from their investments and paying less in taxes, real disposable income has increased 4.6 percent in the last year," he adds.

The only depression here is that of Democrats who cannot stand good news for the economy while they are out of office.


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