Greenie weenies

A puff piece on John Kerry lets him make the bogus claim that President Bush is against the environment. The is a patently stupid charge.

No one is against the environment. The Green movement is basicallay a bunch of leftest who hate the capitalist system and use the environment as a vehicle for attacking business and the economy.

One of the sillier statements in the peace is that Kerry riding a Harley is somehow enviromentally friendly. Please. The things drip oil to the point that dealers used to put drip pans under the bikes to keep the oil off the floor. That does not even consider the noise pollution.

They do mention that Kerry is a hypocrit when it comes to wind energy opposing a wind project in Massachusett like most of the other eviromental frauds on the left. They have no difficulty rationalizing opposition in their own back yard.

The enviromental movement is one of the most dishonest political movements around today. It is no wander they are embraced by the Democrats.


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