Trying Too Hard at UN

It is time for the administration to explain why it is expending an extroidary effort to get a UN resolution it has already said it did not need. If it is to keep Tony Blair on board, or some of the other allies, then it shows the weakness of a multilateral approach to the problem of Iraq. Jumping through hoops at the UN gives hope to Saddam and opponents of his overthrow like France. The US is permitting its national security objectives to be blunted and obstructed by people who are not concerned with US national security. This debate needs a cloture vote this week. The case that it would make Turkey or some other state feel better about the US operation to remove Saddam simply shows their lack of commitment to the project and their hope to thwart it through the mucking around of France and Germany. To make these countries really show their cards, blow off the UN and do what needs to be done and take a roll call of the countries that helped.


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