Dem's Undiplomatic Argument

Sen. Daschle and other Dems are shedding crocidile tears over "the failure of diplomacy" leading to war. This is disingenous and ridiculous. If diplomacy had succeeded, the US would have gotten a vote in the UN agreeing with what the US is going to do anyway. It is ridiculous to say that diplomatic failure will be the cause of US deaths. The argument also does not pay appropriate blame on French and German bad conduct. All the so called undiplomatic language by Rumsfeld and others was in response to attempts by "old Europe" to undermine a policy that the US had decided was in its vital national interest. When people are stabbing you in your back, it is not undiplomatic to lash back. What the Dems are doing is taking the side of the French, something that is not even good politics since a majority of Americans are angry about the French actions. It is too bad the Dems are not on the US side on this issue.


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