Senior Iranian officer flees with intel on military plans

Washington Free Beacon:
A senior Iranian military officer affiliated with the country's Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, has fled the Islamic Republic with a cache of secret documents said to contain information on Tehran's military plans, according to reports.

Ali Nasiri, a former IRGC brigadier general who once headed Iran's counterintelligence operations, is reported to have fled Iran and requested political asylum at a U.S. embassy in an unnamed Gulf country, according to a report carried in Iran Commentary, an online news portal that publishes information about Iran's human rights abuses and illicit activity.

"Sources say a probe launched by IRGC counterintelligence units reveals that Nasiri fled a Persian Gulf country, requesting political asylum at the local U.S. embassy," the report claims. "Reports indicate Nasiri had in possession a large volume of documents recording the travels of senior IRGC commanders, intelligence personnel and operational units to foreign countries, all under the cover of diplomatic missions."

While the Washington Free Beacon could not independently verify the report, it could represent a coup for the U.S. intelligence community, which has long sought information on Iran's military apparatus and plans.

"Nasiri's fleeing from Iran has had an extremely negative impact among the hierarchy under his command," Iran Commentary reported. "On April 19, the IRGC-associated Fars News Agency referred to the fate of Nasiri without any further explanation."
 This may be the cause of the recent shakeup at the top in Iran.  It has the potential to e a real coup for the Trump administration in its confrontation with the Islamic religious bigots who rule Iran.  It could also be helpful in thwarting Iran's terrorist support network.


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