Iran bets on the Democrats to bail them out

Benny Avni:
Beyond shuttering the nuclear program, America wants to see an end to the Islamic Republic’s ­regional adventurism, worldwide terror networks, provocative missile tests and human rights violations at home.

Bottom line, Iran must renounce ambitions that harm America and our allies and interests — not to mention the Iranian people.

Putting the squeeze on oil ­exports, however, isn’t without risks. The administration calculates that any resulting spike in oil prices will be offset by increased production from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Iran’s regional archenemies.
With its economy faltering, Tehran will be forced to make a do-or-die choice: Renegotiate the nuclear deal, this time with real curbs on its illicit programs, or face regime collapse.

The only problem for Trump: Democratic presidential candidates threaten, as soon as elected and in office, to zag right back to the old nuclear deal.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, then, may be making the right bet as they watch our domestic politics courtside. That bet: Just wait it out. Hip to US political whims, they can see favored players winning the next set — and then perhaps the whole match.
The Democrat pander to this evil regime is not only against the US interests, but it is also against the interest of US allies in the region and makes it harder to stop Iranian aggression and terrorism in the region. It is also against the long term interests of the Iranian people who are captives of the Islamic religious bigots who currently rule Iran.


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