European's concerned about influence of Islam hold rally

Far-right groups from across Europe are holding a rally in Denmark aimed at setting up what they term an anti-Islamic alliance across the continent.
The demonstration has been organised by various groups who are concerned about the "Islamification of Europe".
The English Defence League (EDL), which is taking part, said it hoped it would be the start of a Europe-wide movement.
Campaigners against racism are worried that hardline Islamaphobic groups in Europe are now joining forces.
The number of people attending the rally in Denmark is likely to be small.
But analysts say what is more important is that many are the leaders of anti-islamic groups from a variety of European countries.
Some have been in the Danish city of Aarhus since Wednesday where they have had a chance to hold meetings and discuss ideas.
One of the organisers of the rally is the EDL which wants to stop Muslim migration into Europe all together, viewing it as a threat which will lead to conflict.
I think this is a reflection of Muslims' failure to make the case that they are not a threat.  Instead they tend to cower as the most extremist among them become spokesmen for radical threats.  They need to quit acting like victims and speak out against the radicals in their community or they may be branded as complicit.


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