Conservative takes big lead in Honduras election

NY Times:

Porfirio Lobo, a longtime conservative politician, appeared headed toward victory on Sunday in the Honduran presidential election, which many hoped could help the country emerge from the crisis caused by last summer’s coup and end its isolation.

Television news reports projected that Mr. Lobo, who owns one of the country’s largest farms, carried 55 percent of the vote in a commanding lead over his opponent, Elvin Santos, who had about 39 percent.


This looks like a strong rejection of Zelaya and his leftist buddies in the region. Other reports show a large turnout. Since Zelaya called for a boycott every vote cast can be sonsidered a vote against him.

The Times is still sticking to the description of Zelaya's legal removal as a coup. Such a description ignores the Honduran constitution and the facts.

Mary O'Grady says this is a huge victory for tiny Honduras.


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