UK gives rioting alien inmates Big Macs

Daily News:

Rioting foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers were fed McDonald's takeaway meals by prison staff during a £60million orgy of destruction which wrecked an immigration detention centre.

Fearful that the human rights of inmates would be breached, staff ferried sackfuls of Big Mac meals with fries and soft drinks from a nearby branch of the fast-food chain.

The revelation came in a damning official report into the riot at Harmondsworth Immigration Removal Centre near Heathrow Airport last November. More than 500 inmates awaiting deportation wrecked and burned down much of the site, and it took riot squads almost two days to regain control. The report also reveals:

• Walls and doors in the centre were so flimsy that inmates kicked them down with ease, especially after they were soaked by the sprinkler system;

• The fire brigade got lost because there were no signposts to the centre;

• CCTV cameras were easy for rioters to destroy - meaning control room staff had no idea what was going on;

• Increasingly desperate calls to the Prison Service headquarters begging for help were ignored for an hour.


Hundreds of foreign national criminals were rounded up after being released from Britain's jails without being considered for deportation.

Of the 501 men in the detention centre at the time 177 were foreign prisoners awaiting deportation - a volatile group who had 'nothing to lose'. The riot was triggered by inmates watching a TV news bulletin reporting criticisms of Harmondsworth from prison watchdogs.


Tory immigration spokesman Damian Green said: "This situation required a fast response, and all they got was fast food.


It is a good idea to look at the UK deportation system every now and then just to remind we Americans that our situation really could be worse. The UK is also burdened with the EU terrorist rights agreement (I think they call it a Human Rights treaty, but you have to look at the practical effect) that makes it difficult to deport anyone to a third world country.


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