NY Times for and against DNA innocence test

Durham in Wonderland look at a recent NY Time Editorial calling for "innocence commissions" to to look at DNA evidence to see if it exonerates the accused except in the case of the Duke lacrosse players:


... where columnists Selena Roberts and Harvey Araton published columns dripping with a presumption of guilt based solely on the version of events presented by one witness—just the type of person the editorial notes North Carolina’s innocence commission demands be vetted “more carefully.”

And this is the same paper that in August published a 6000-word front page article/op-ed by Duff Wilson, proclaiming that despite the DNA test results, “there is also a body of evidence to support [Nifong’s] decision to take the matter to a jury.” That article, moreover, went out of its way to exclude mention of the following clause from the March 23 order filed by Nifong’s office: “The DNA evidence requested will immediately rule out any innocent persons.”


This case high lights liberal prejudice and the DNA aspect of it seems conclusive.


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