Yes! A "GATE" free zone

Austin Bay:

Roger L. Simon dropped me a note recently. He hates “the Gates.” No, I don’t mean Cristo in Central Park. Roger objects to EasonGate. RatherGate, ContraGate, FosterGate, MonicaGate, GannonGate. The last sylllable of “Watergate” signals scandal –but it’s become a bore, a cheap motif.

Time to close the floodgate and end GateGate. If Berkeley, CA and Takoma Park, MD can declare themselves “nuclear free zones,” this blog can declare itself a “Gate-free zone.”

Join the Movement. Become “A GATE free zone” (or at least a GATE free web blog or publication).

Besides, I think “The Eason Jordan Affair” has an Eric Ambler ring to it. And “The Monica Affair” is also a much more accurate description.

Two of the best writers with blogs have a point.


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