The valdictorian of "Terrorist High"

Captain's Quarters takes an interesting look at the hich school where the man who is accused of wanting to assinate President Bush was a top student.

A few of the news reports on the case have mentioned that Ali was a stellar student in America, and had even been valedictorian of his class. The Post also mentions this, although they get a bit more specific:

Abu Ali was born in Houston and moved to Northern Virginia at age 4. He attended the private Islamic Saudi Academy in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County, a school for grades K-12. He graduated as valedictorian and briefly attended the University of Maryland before going to Saudi Arabia to pursue religious studies.

CQ reader and frequent contributor Blank:NoOne sent along his perspective about the Islamic Saudi Academy:

I have read innumerable articles about the 'valedictorian' who is accused of planning to kill the President. I mentioned the story to some in-laws in the DC area....and they exclaimed (much to my surprise) that, "Yeah, valedictorian of Terrorist High" He wasn't valedictorian of Pleasantville High School, he was valedictorian of 'The Islamic Saudi Academy" of which there is lots of dirt including their former comptroller being tied to terrorists while taking footage of area bridges and outrage at the hate spewed in their textbooks.

That prompted me to do a quick Google search on the school, and I didn't come up empty. The Washington Times wrote in August 2004 about problems with the academy's curriculum, noting that both CAIR and the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism (not exactly normal allies) called for the removal of textbooks designed to foster Islamic hatred against outsiders....

Read it all.


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