The Bachmann legacy

Ed Rogers:
Anyway, Ms. Bachmann was sometimes inaccurate and occasionally misguided — in my opinion — but her drive, her patriotism and her tireless energy on behalf of the conservative cause should not pass unnoticed or unappreciated.

On paper, I always thought she had great potential. She’s from a blue state, won six elections and, honest to God, had 23 foster kids and five children of her own. You can’t fake that commitment or dismiss it as resumé padding. Most of us will never do a fraction of what she’s done for helpless kids. And, she is a seriously credentialed lawyer to boot. By today’s standards, no one should count her out. If Al Sharpton can be fully rehabilitated after the wild antics he conjured up and inflicted on the rest of us back in the day, who knows what’s in store for Ms. Bachmann.
Michelle sometimes let her passion overrule the carefully crafted message most lawyers try to put forward.  There is an art to structure an argument in a way that does not leave your adversary with an escape hatch.  Sometimes she failed that test, but there was no failure when it came to her passion for the issues and the courage to fight for conservatism.  I hope she finds a good outlet for that passion.


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