Brit defense cuts make them more reliant on US military

General Ray Odierno revealed that he has repeatedly raised concerns with British defence chiefs that Britain’s shrinking forces will be unable to work alongside the Americans.

Gen Odierno’s comments come as ministers fight over a fresh round of spending reductions that could force another round of defence cuts.

The British Army is losing 20,000 regular posts, shrinking to 82,000 soldiers by 2015. Armoured units, including the Desert Rats, are losing their tanks.

Gen Odierno said that such cuts are already jeopardising US-UK joint operations, and leaving the British reliant on American forces.

“As the British Army continues to reduce in size we’ve had several conversations about keeping them integrated in what we’re trying to do,” he said.
Britain spends too much on its rationed health care system and welfare in general. It pays more out in welfare benefits to some than it pays its troops.  It is the high cost of debilitating socialism that is shrink its ability to defend itself.


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