Gingrich has 20 point lead in Florida

Newt Gingrich leads Mitt Romney by more than 20 points in the important early-voting state of Florida, according to a new Insider Advantage poll.
Gingrich has 41 percent support while Romney has 17 percent. Businessman Herman Cain, who is fading in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment and infidelity, sits in third place with 13 percent. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has 7 percent, Texas Rep. Ron Paul has 4 percent, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has 3 percent, and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum rounds out the field with 1 percent.
 The Florida poll comes on the heels of an Insider Advantage poll released Tuesday that showed Gingrich leading by 15 points in Iowa. And a Rasmussen Reports poll also released Tuesday showed Gingrich moving closer to Romney in the former Massachusetts' governor's stronghold of New Hampshire. Nationally, Gingrich holds a narrow 2.5 percentage point lead in the RCP Average.
Gingrich appears to be building on his surge in recent days as Cain drops and Perry has not been able to rebuild his momentum.  He is also showing more positive intensity than Romney in a recent Gallup poll.


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