Frost reporting from Baltimore

Mathew Hay Brown interviews the Frosts for their reaction to conservatives who have challenged the use of their son as a prop in the Democrats attempt to expand a program that has helped them deal with problems from their failure to have health insurance.

It would be helpful if Brown or someone from the Baltimore Sun would go back one more time and explain why their auto insurance did not cover the injuries. Perhaps their was a maximum liability issue, but it would add to the knowledge of why they needed to take advantage of this program, which BTW, would still be available if the Congress accepted President Bush's proposal to only modestly increase spending for it.

That was one of the ugly aspects of the Democrats use of Graeme Frost, because it suggested that people like Graeme would not be covered because of the veto. It was an unfair attack on the President.

Brown is also unfair to conservative bloggers who have raised questions about the use of Graeme Frost as a prop by the Democrats, by cherry picking a comment to a blog posting at I am sure there is a wealth of similarly extreme comments on the Daily Kos and other liberal websites that could have been used to make them look bad in this argument.

What the Frosts have experienced is the downside of letting Democrats use them as props in a contentious debate.


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